About Us

About Us

As a committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the Ukrainian Canadian Arts Network (UCAN) envisions a vibrant Ukrainian arts community that inspires creativity and innovation and is part of the fabric of how we live and work, not only in our Ukrainian communities, but as a diverse and an integral component of the multicultural tapestry of Canada.

Our Mission

To support the development of Ukrainian arts as a valuable contributor to quality of life in Canada, to educate the public about the Ukrainian arts, and to develop, maintain and expand a Ukrainian arts and culture database as a strategic resource for all Canadians.

Our Logo

The Ukrainian Canadian Arts Network logo was developed by Tanya Mykytiuk. She can be contacted at tanya@mykytiuk.com.


Ukrainian Canadian Congress UCAN Logo


The UCAN logo is inspired by the Lemko pysanka and is reminiscent of a spark or iskra: The pysanky produced by the Lemko people are almost all of the drop-pull variety. They vary from simple, bicolor geometric designs to complex patterns, employing many colors, and utilizing cosmomorphic, phytomorphic and zoomorphic motifs. These designs, as intricate as they may be, were all created using a candle, a bit of wax, and a common straight pin. (Source: www.pysanky.info) Circular logos project unity and cohesion and suggests community, integrity, and perfection. They offer safety and connection. The iskra graphic can be interpreted in many different genres of Ukrainian art: a pysanka motif or painters palette represented in the visual arts, the sound hole of a bandura or kobza in music, circular choreographic patterns found in dance such as the arkan, and embroidery motifs found in traditional Ukrainian costumes and textiles. The four main colours used in the UCAN logo represent the collaboration of different artistic genres within the Ukrainian Arts community: visual arts, music, dance, and textiles (or other). Iskry can be used to identify each genre and artist within the network, assigning a specific colour to each genre.