Kosa Kolectiv

Kosa Kolectiv

Art areas: Folk Art

Artist type: Organization

Organization Legal Name: Kosa Collective

Organization Type: Collective/Group



Kosa Kolektiv is composed of several women in and around Toronto that aim to revitalize peasant folklore in an urban context. We do this by singing songs, sewing, cooking, planting, crafting, putting on workshops and sharing ideas over tea and good food. There’s something to be said for the simpler pleasures in life, and Kosa Kolektiv embraces them. We've been collaborating together on a variety of projects since 2010.

The word kosa means braid in Ukrainian and is a symbol of youth, vitality, strength and tradition. In Ukrainian folklore, young women traditionally wore long braids or kosy before marriage. We also chose kosa as our name because we like the imagery of cultural fusion, the braiding of old and new.



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Alex Baczynskyj

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Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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