Larysa Eliuk

Larysa Eliuk

Art areas: Visual Art

Artist type: Individual

As an artist, Larysa’s preferred painting medium is acrylic. Her unique art works are characterized by vivid colors and bold expressive brush strokes. For inspiration, Larysa relies on her Ukrainian heritage, extensive travel, nature, and her surrounding environment. Larysa’s paintings reveal these aspects through intense application of color and bold interpretation of the subject.
In addition to painting in acrylic and watercolor media, Larysa has studied Iconography at Lviv Catholic University and painted religious icons with the use of egg tempera. Following the summer study in Ukraine, Larysa has continued studying iconography in Alberta while under the instruction of iconographers Mariana Savaryn (2007-2010) and Fr. Vladimir Lysak (2012). In 2010, Larysa also took up pottery and is a member of the Edmonton Potter’s Guild.

Along with her current and full time involvement as a High School teacher, Larysa has participated in many art exhibits sponsored by the University of Alberta and the Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts, Harcourt Gallery, TU Gallery,KUMF Gallery (Toronto) at conferences and festivals in Edmonton, Calgary, Jasper, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Vico Equense, Italy.
Larysa has also successfully completed a number of commissioned art pieces for local business entrepreneurs and private individuals. Color, rhythm, mood, contrast, forces of nature, and her youthful appreciation for dance and movement all contribute towards Larysa Eliuk’s inspiration for her paintings.


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