Spivohrai Children’s Vocal Ensemble

Spivohrai Children’s Vocal Ensemble

Art areas: Music

Artist type: Organization

Organization Legal Name: Spivohrai Children's Vocal Ensemble

Organization Type: Collective/Group

Spivohrai Ukrainian Children's Vocal Ensemble was founded by Andreya Karnaukh in July, 2010. It aims to provide boys and girls, ages 5-14, with an opportunity to maintain, develop and share their Ukrainian cultural identity through the medium of song.
"Spivohrai" strives to develop choral and individual singing styles and to illustrate this aspect of Ukrainian culture. In doing so, it fosters not only musical talent and voice development of children, but also advances their thinking and language skills, increases vocabulary proficiency and promotes emotional well-being.
The repertoire of the Ensemble includes various Ukrainian folk songs, classical and contemporary works, Christmas songs and many others.


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