Art areas: Folk Art, Music

Artist type: Organization

Organization Legal Name: The Hardkiss

Organization Type: Collective/Group

Date of Birth: February 1, 2011

The Hardkiss is an independent band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Its music is a mix of rock, pop and electronic music. Musicians define it as progressive pop. Authorship of all The Hardkiss songs belongs to its founders – Julia Sanina and Valeriy Bebko.The Hardkiss is a mix of seemingly incompatible things: heavy arrangements, melodic parts, profound lyrics and soul vocal of Julia Sanina. The Hardkiss not only performs live music, but also gives impressive concert shows. The Hardkiss has its own stylists, the band works with the best Ukrainian fashion designers. The members of the band don’t like a word “epatage”, their looks is a part of philosophy, the illustration of The Hardkiss music.

  +38 050 417 10 10

Contact person information

Egor Kiryanov, Manager

+38 050 417 10 10

Address 1

Ukraine, Kyivska oblast, Kyiv

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