Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada

Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada

Art areas: Visual Art

Artist type: Organization

Organization Legal Name: Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada

Organization Type: Other

The Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada (USOM) was founded
in 1955 – 1956.Since than, USOM has been an actively functioning organization in Canada. The Association’s goals are to unite professional artists of Ukrainian descent and to promote their work, to be active in the development of Ukrainian art in Canada, to organize group and solo exhibitions, to organize art-related events and to publish exhibition catalogues and art books.The artists of USOM work in the areas of painting, sculpture, graphics, iconography, mosaics, and monumental art. For over half a century, USOM and its individual members have presented and continue to present artwork in a wide creative range at Canadian and international exhibitions and competitions, where they have received recognition and awards for their mastery and exploration of cutting edge directions and themes, which allow the artist to attain full self-expression, diversity in artistic orientation and innovative ideas.
USOM is also an active participant in the cultural life of Canada’s Ukrainian community. The Association continually organizes or participates in exhibitions and auctions which benefit nursery schools, day schools, churches, organizations, and charities. USOM members frequently donate their artwork for these causes.

Currently, USOM’s membership numbers over 40 artists, representing several generations from different provinces of Canada.

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